Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pro’s & Con’s of Long Distance Dating

            Like most of my other blog’s I’ve experienced most o these stories first hand. To start off I’ll tell you about Samy. Samy was my first long distance relationship; she lived in a place called Austin Town up by Young’s Town. We’d dated on and off for a year and one month, and year and of month never even meeting each other just living off of letters, email, Facebook, and my favorite, the telephone.
            Even though the relationship was overall great, not being able to meet her because she lived 400 miles away was very painful for both of us. Though every time we got close to a chance something would pop up and ruin our chances to meet. So after that year & a month we just became friends
            So in my experience I wouldn’t try it unless you:
·         Have money
·         Have a car
·         And live within reasonable distance of each other
On the other hand if your conditions include:
·         No job
·         No car
·         Live +100 miles away
Then I recommend you just wait till you’re graduated with a reasonable well paying job and possible live in your own home or apartment. One other thing; it also depends on how much you really enjoy the other person. Don’t just have her and all of her stuff shipped to your house and realize a week later that you really don’t like her. Oh, and also check to see if she or he is actually "REAL".
      So when it comes to long distances relationships, I wouldn’t recommend it, for me it was just trouble. But if you still want to try it, go for it just remember what I’ve told you and be ready for anything.

This Photo was taken by Scotty Cherry (myself)

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