Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock Bands in High School

  Have you ever wanted to get with a group of friends and start a rock band? It’s not as easy as most people would think; it includes a lot of time and effort. I was in a band recently and to be completely honest, it was a blast! Being around people you enjoy outside of school and just making music, one of the universe’s greatest creations.  
            Finding a name for your band can be pretty tough since there are at least 100000 bands out there getting their named copy righted. You have to go and look through the internet and make sure your chosen name isn’t already in existence and see if your name even makes since. For example you can’t have a death metal band called the pretty unicorns, just doesn’t sound right. Our band was called 2(8)2 and we were a hard rock band with a mix of some metal, punk, and alternative. I was the singer of 2(8)2 and it was somewhat difficult for me to match some of the songs due to my deep voice, especially since they wanted me to play my voice high.
            Like most schools there is a talent show towards the end of the year. The talent show was hosted on a Thursday night and Friday morning & both times my stomach tried to eat itself. It was dreadful. So when our time came we went up and did what we could and a lot of people including my friends and teachers said I was great and sound awesome but I guess some of the crowd disagreed. So here I am saying that I was kicked out of 2(8)2 because my band ran into a few of those people and saw me as a flaw. So yeah, that’s my story. So when you decide to join  band, make sure you practice your playing of the instrument or throat well because if you don’t this story may happen to you.

this picture was taken and edited by myself

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