Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teens Are Alright

Taken By Scotty Cherry (myself)
            Teens… Lost, Confused, hurt, stressed, rushed; life just doesn’t always go for us like we’d want it to be. There’s always something holding us back or pushing us into things we don’t want. On the other hand the other half of us just give up, party, drink, and smoke a dewby. Our parents think they know us, our friends tend to be our only family, and a lot of us tend to find the easy way out, through the twisted loop of the Lynch. The saying “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything” tends to be collecting more and more dust rather than young ears in my generation. Being forced to be in a religion, or forced to smoke because their parents don’t want to put up with hearing “mom can you stop smoking and put your window up”. In my current time I lack to see the parents being parents and see more young teens, even pre-teens, becoming adults so fast. My mind just can’t fathom it at times.
My young 14-year old friend has a girl friend that used to smoke weed and drink. Over a period of a year he convinced himself to stop drinking and convinced his girlfriend stop doing drugs, and drinking. As he states “I am the only one in my family to not do drugs, and I will be the one to be different.” I’m so proud of him being cleaned up and clean of the world’s crewed ways. I just hope that someday teens like my friend here will emerge from the cracks of our sinful world and be the best they can be, without being doped up on drugs, walking around drunk, or finding silly reason to die.
          If you’re a teen in need of assistance I recommend you look up Teen Line to help get your mind untangled before you make the wrong decision.

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