Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stay Home


                                So how many of you have a teacher that you just absolutly hate! Well I won’t say what teachers I hate, well dislike due to safty of identity or something, but anyways on to business. So what do we do with them, what do we do about them? It almost seems impossible to move up a grade or like me graduate when theres  a teacher who doesn’t like you stand in your way. I’ve also been wondering why we have to learn science? I mean espacially biology, a thing that is complelty comfusing and has probably had some poor helpless soul comit suicide due to failing that class.
                If your wondering I really don’t have a pacific topic, I’m mainly just pointing out the negativity in the school system. It just stinks when you go to school and right off the bat you have a teacher who just doesn’t understand your needs and disabilities and just fail the crap out of you. Or like when your food isnt cooked 85% of the year, wet fries isn’t cool guys its just wrong. I wound’t doubt the world going into home schooling, I really wouldn’t. less drama, better food, less hastle, and plus you can do it when ever you want and almost anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet or a pinter). Though I guess some teachers can’t help being pricks, like when your class is full of holigans or people who try to take the class in their own hands and just makes hell for both you and the teacher.
                So if you really want to skip school and stay home and learn from your computer, then do it! Have fun! But then again don’t forget the friends you make n regular school. That is if you made any friends. 

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