Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stay Home


                                So how many of you have a teacher that you just absolutly hate! Well I won’t say what teachers I hate, well dislike due to safty of identity or something, but anyways on to business. So what do we do with them, what do we do about them? It almost seems impossible to move up a grade or like me graduate when theres  a teacher who doesn’t like you stand in your way. I’ve also been wondering why we have to learn science? I mean espacially biology, a thing that is complelty comfusing and has probably had some poor helpless soul comit suicide due to failing that class.
                If your wondering I really don’t have a pacific topic, I’m mainly just pointing out the negativity in the school system. It just stinks when you go to school and right off the bat you have a teacher who just doesn’t understand your needs and disabilities and just fail the crap out of you. Or like when your food isnt cooked 85% of the year, wet fries isn’t cool guys its just wrong. I wound’t doubt the world going into home schooling, I really wouldn’t. less drama, better food, less hastle, and plus you can do it when ever you want and almost anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet or a pinter). Though I guess some teachers can’t help being pricks, like when your class is full of holigans or people who try to take the class in their own hands and just makes hell for both you and the teacher.
                So if you really want to skip school and stay home and learn from your computer, then do it! Have fun! But then again don’t forget the friends you make n regular school. That is if you made any friends. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Pro’s & Con’s of Long Distance Dating

            Like most of my other blog’s I’ve experienced most o these stories first hand. To start off I’ll tell you about Samy. Samy was my first long distance relationship; she lived in a place called Austin Town up by Young’s Town. We’d dated on and off for a year and one month, and year and of month never even meeting each other just living off of letters, email, Facebook, and my favorite, the telephone.
            Even though the relationship was overall great, not being able to meet her because she lived 400 miles away was very painful for both of us. Though every time we got close to a chance something would pop up and ruin our chances to meet. So after that year & a month we just became friends
            So in my experience I wouldn’t try it unless you:
·         Have money
·         Have a car
·         And live within reasonable distance of each other
On the other hand if your conditions include:
·         No job
·         No car
·         Live +100 miles away
Then I recommend you just wait till you’re graduated with a reasonable well paying job and possible live in your own home or apartment. One other thing; it also depends on how much you really enjoy the other person. Don’t just have her and all of her stuff shipped to your house and realize a week later that you really don’t like her. Oh, and also check to see if she or he is actually "REAL".
      So when it comes to long distances relationships, I wouldn’t recommend it, for me it was just trouble. But if you still want to try it, go for it just remember what I’ve told you and be ready for anything.

This Photo was taken by Scotty Cherry (myself)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock Bands in High School

  Have you ever wanted to get with a group of friends and start a rock band? It’s not as easy as most people would think; it includes a lot of time and effort. I was in a band recently and to be completely honest, it was a blast! Being around people you enjoy outside of school and just making music, one of the universe’s greatest creations.  
            Finding a name for your band can be pretty tough since there are at least 100000 bands out there getting their named copy righted. You have to go and look through the internet and make sure your chosen name isn’t already in existence and see if your name even makes since. For example you can’t have a death metal band called the pretty unicorns, just doesn’t sound right. Our band was called 2(8)2 and we were a hard rock band with a mix of some metal, punk, and alternative. I was the singer of 2(8)2 and it was somewhat difficult for me to match some of the songs due to my deep voice, especially since they wanted me to play my voice high.
            Like most schools there is a talent show towards the end of the year. The talent show was hosted on a Thursday night and Friday morning & both times my stomach tried to eat itself. It was dreadful. So when our time came we went up and did what we could and a lot of people including my friends and teachers said I was great and sound awesome but I guess some of the crowd disagreed. So here I am saying that I was kicked out of 2(8)2 because my band ran into a few of those people and saw me as a flaw. So yeah, that’s my story. So when you decide to join  band, make sure you practice your playing of the instrument or throat well because if you don’t this story may happen to you.

this picture was taken and edited by myself

Monday, April 16, 2012

High School Relationships

*picture drawn and photo taken by myself*
            High school relationships are very often in today’s generations. Some turn out pretty well and may last through college and even throughout each of the lover’s lives. But most of them end badly, just friends, or they just get bored of each other. Teens around 16, 17, and especially 18 think they’ve got the whole “love thing” in the bag, yet it bursts into flames and words are tossed plates are thrown and someone usually gets a black eye. Some parents say their kids should wait till college while others don’t even care, let alone even know who their teens really are. Love in high school can be rough, overwhelming and may even lead to certain death. In other words don’t worry about having a girl. Trust me I know it’s hard not having a girlfriend/ boyfriend, but is it really worth it? Remember your objective in school is to pass it. Its school not My Yearbook.com alright; Just focus on school work, get into sports, read a book, invite some friends over and play some video games, maybe even considering getting a job. Just do what you have to do to get your mind away from “Love” because guy and girls, all it is just flat out trouble. I’ve been through nearly 20 relationships and honestly they distracted me from doing things I wanted to do plus empty out my wallet. So from my brain to yours just have fun and don’t take things so seriously, sit back and enjoy life before life passes you like you first shooting star

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teens Are Alright

Taken By Scotty Cherry (myself)
            Teens… Lost, Confused, hurt, stressed, rushed; life just doesn’t always go for us like we’d want it to be. There’s always something holding us back or pushing us into things we don’t want. On the other hand the other half of us just give up, party, drink, and smoke a dewby. Our parents think they know us, our friends tend to be our only family, and a lot of us tend to find the easy way out, through the twisted loop of the Lynch. The saying “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything” tends to be collecting more and more dust rather than young ears in my generation. Being forced to be in a religion, or forced to smoke because their parents don’t want to put up with hearing “mom can you stop smoking and put your window up”. In my current time I lack to see the parents being parents and see more young teens, even pre-teens, becoming adults so fast. My mind just can’t fathom it at times.
My young 14-year old friend has a girl friend that used to smoke weed and drink. Over a period of a year he convinced himself to stop drinking and convinced his girlfriend stop doing drugs, and drinking. As he states “I am the only one in my family to not do drugs, and I will be the one to be different.” I’m so proud of him being cleaned up and clean of the world’s crewed ways. I just hope that someday teens like my friend here will emerge from the cracks of our sinful world and be the best they can be, without being doped up on drugs, walking around drunk, or finding silly reason to die.
          If you’re a teen in need of assistance I recommend you look up Teen Line to help get your mind untangled before you make the wrong decision.