Monday, April 16, 2012

High School Relationships

*picture drawn and photo taken by myself*
            High school relationships are very often in today’s generations. Some turn out pretty well and may last through college and even throughout each of the lover’s lives. But most of them end badly, just friends, or they just get bored of each other. Teens around 16, 17, and especially 18 think they’ve got the whole “love thing” in the bag, yet it bursts into flames and words are tossed plates are thrown and someone usually gets a black eye. Some parents say their kids should wait till college while others don’t even care, let alone even know who their teens really are. Love in high school can be rough, overwhelming and may even lead to certain death. In other words don’t worry about having a girl. Trust me I know it’s hard not having a girlfriend/ boyfriend, but is it really worth it? Remember your objective in school is to pass it. Its school not My alright; Just focus on school work, get into sports, read a book, invite some friends over and play some video games, maybe even considering getting a job. Just do what you have to do to get your mind away from “Love” because guy and girls, all it is just flat out trouble. I’ve been through nearly 20 relationships and honestly they distracted me from doing things I wanted to do plus empty out my wallet. So from my brain to yours just have fun and don’t take things so seriously, sit back and enjoy life before life passes you like you first shooting star

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